Atelier Fischer

The children's toy by Atelier Fischer is unique and made of FSC-certified wood. The label is particularly proud of the fact that the materials are 100% sourced from the regional forestry industry in Switzerland and everything is made by hand in their own family business, which was founded in 1975. At Atelier Fischer you'll find great wooden cubes, dice puzzles and children's toys that are timeless and reminiscent of your own childhood in a vintage hand-crafted style. The wooden toy by Atelier Fischer is known all over the world and is very popular. Here you will find educational toys that will boost your child's creativity, be aesthetically pleasing and simply fun.

Atelier Fischer: Ecological toys from Switzerland

Atelier Fischer is well-known in the toy industry for its distinctive and unique designs that can be found in wooden toys such as wooden cubes, games, cube puzzles and puzzles. Tradition and "Swiss Made" craftsmanship characterize the company, which can draw on a wealth of experience in working with different materials. The wooden toy by Atelier Fischer is manufactured using special manufacturing techniques that allow high-quality workmanship and perfect pressure on the wood. All wooden games are made in Switzerland in their own family business. The workshop is located in a quiet and beautiful landscape, which is characterized by the beginning alpine region. All family members enjoy craftsmanship and create high-quality products that add a touch of tradition and "Swissness" that make this wooden toy so special. The wooden games by Atelier Fischer are intended to promote the creativity of children and at the same time fulfill the claim that they are timeless, instructive and entertaining. The brand is known and loved in many different countries and the games are played all over the world.

Toy production and charity go hand in hand 

Atelier Fischer works together with the Bernaville Foundation. This is a foundation for people with disabilities who work with the manufacturing of the products and support the company in the various manufacturing processes. In the workshops of the Bernaville wood boxes, wooden picture books and other things are put together according to the specifications of the Atelier Fischer and different grinding work accomplished. Clean and perfect work is guaranteed.

Quality control and sustainability for beautiful wooden toys

Atelier Fischer manages and controls all production processes. This guarantees high safety and quality of the products. The games are all designed according to own ideas and lovingly hand-drawn. There is a lot of manual work in Atelier Fischer's products, which is why the toy will never become a mass-produced product. The materials used are fair and sustainably produced, the wood comes from FSC-certified forestry. The label "Schweizer Holz", with which the company is certified, shows that all solid wood from nearby forests is sourced and even selected. This also guarantees excellent wood quality and short transport routes. Discover the wooden cubes, puzzles and other timeless toys made of natural wood from this very special brand. If you love the aesthetics, children's toys from Atelier Fischer will be guaranteed to delight you. Enjoy browsing.

Wooden Book "Natura" mini
Wooden book "Farm Animals"
Wooden Book "Small Animals" mini
Wooden Book "Pets" medium
Cube Puzzle "Domestic animals with wooden background" - 4-parts
Cube Puzzle "Transportation" - 4-parts
Wooden Book "Bears"
Cube Puzzle "Animals with wooden background" 6-parts
Cube Puzzle "Pets with colored background mini" 4-part
Wooden Book "Pets" big
Wooden Book "Pets" mini
Wooden Book "Farm"
Cube Puzzle "Transportation" - 9-parts
Cube Puzzle "Natura" - 4-parts
Cube Puzzle "Domestic animals" - 9-parts
Wooden Memory "Zoo"
Domino "Animals"
Domino "Animals"

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