The German label Bermbach Handcrafted manufactures hand-woven rattan beds for children. Previously, the wicker cots were everywhere in use. The two founders of Bermbach are of the opinion that some things want to be rediscovered. Especially when  new things constantly shape our everyday life nowadays and much is very short-lived, the good old things, which have proven themselves over decades, can bring joy again. Rattan cots are light, airy and have a nice round shape that is very sturdy and stable. Bermbach Handcrafted wants to fulfill the wishes of many parents who are looking for individual pieces of furniture. The rattan furniture is of high quality made of natural materials and has an attractive design.

Bermbach Handcrafted: Children's furniture made of rattan for your own home

The founders Marie and Alex Bermbach are a couple with two daughters, born in 2012 and 2015. They have always had a weakness for everything that is old. The decor of their café in Frankfurt is designed in a vintage style and the couple also loves vintage cars. The idea for Bermbach Handcrafted came to them during a holiday trip, where they discovered a rattan bed for children in a small shop that was unfortunately not for sale.

The hand-woven rattan bed was born out of necessity because they were desperately looking for a bed of rattan for their daughter. Therefore, the family began to design  wicker furniture in a classic design themselves, which shortly after were made by hand in a small workshop.

Rattan bed for kids: Great design with vintage charm

Today there are different versions of rattan beds for children with the matching accessories such as mattresses and babynests in attractive vintage charm. Thus, the label serves a real market gap in Europe and the desire of many parents for these beautiful products is met. By Bermbach Handcrafted there is a side bed, a room bed and a larger cot made of wicker, all very attractively designed and equipped with a bed canopy.

The Lola side bed was awarded the Green Product Award in 2018. The pieces of furniture are a great classic revived by Bermbach Handcrafted. The wicker beds by Bermbach Handcrafted are not only stable and practical, they also appeal to the senses. The useful is skilfully combined with the beautiful.

Rediscover classics made from sustainably produced wicker 

Harmonic material and craftsmanship complement each other perfectly at Bermbach Handcrafted. It is important for the label to produce with the utmost naturalness of all components used, so that the children have a good night's sleep in a non-harmful environment. All products are high quality and the materials have been carefully selected.

The label for children's furniture cooperates with a facilty directly in Indonesia with an experienced Indonesian manufacturer, who is well versed in the traditional craft of rattan weaving and has revived and perfected this technique in modern companies.

Only untreated manau rattan is used, which, unlike other rattan varieties, has not been treated with petrol or other insect repellent chemicals. The natural material, which has been proven for many years, is obtained from the dried plant tendrils of the rattan climbing palm. This grows very fast and can reach a size of several meters in a very short time. Therefore the use is sustainable: The use protects the precious trees and contributes to the protection of the Indonesian rainforest.

Cowhide leather tanned with oak extract is used for products with leather. It is a natural process for which no dye is used. The mattresses are also made of ecological materials. They consist of a coconut core and sheep's wool and are KBA certified. The mattresses are custom-made and fit perfectly into the rattan baths of Bermbach Handcrafted.

The material is extremely robust and the production standards allow a two-year guarantee on children's furniture such as a side bed, cot or baby bed. We are happy to offer you the beautiful designs of the beds in our shop.

Changing Pad "Frida" with Mattress
Changing Pad "Frida" with Mattress
Babycrib "Emil" with Mattress
Babycrib "Emil" with Mattress
Babycrib „Lola” with Mattress
Babycrib „Lola” with Mattress

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