CINK - Kids Bamboo Dinnerware is a Swedish label that designs bamboo crockery for babies, toddlers and children in very pleasant colors. Whether plate, bowl, mug or spoon, the children's tableware is in great shapes and delicate colors that are aesthetically pleasing. CINK was founded by three mothers who wanted to combine functionality, aesthetics and environmental aspects in search of suitable children's dishes without silly prints or bright colors. They took their inspiration on a weekend trip to the plains of Österlen in the south of Sweden. The result is bamboo crockery made of recycled bamboo that is dyed with water-based and food-grade pigments and whose surface has not been treated as usual with unhealthy substances.


CINK: Children's dishes in great colors made of bamboo

It is a sunny and crisp cold autumn day in southern Sweden on the open plains of Österlen. Three mothers spend a kid-free weekend. A bottle of wine or more and active, smoking heads, full of ideas. The idea for CINK came from two entrepeneur mothers and a frustrated mother who did not know what to do with her life that day.

There is a flood of products for all ages, but one thing was missing for the mothers: It's very hard to find functional tableware in simple shapes and pleasant colors without intrusive prints that the kids themselves can not see at some point. With this in mind, Elena, the founder of CINK, started to design a plate set for children. With the inspiration and the shapes of the landscape and colors of Österlen. CINK is designed to grow and develop more products in the future that all share the same philosophy and are presented in simple, engaging forms.

The color story of the special bamboo dishes

All crockery sets, plates, cups, bowls and spoons are in five colors. The idea of the founders is that the five colors of CINK are constantly present in all products, therefore the name CINK, the Swedish version of "cinq", which means five.

The peculiarity of the colors is that the inspiration for this also arose on the weekend excursion in Österlen. The mothers were thrilled with the little dusty country roads connecting the steel-gray ocean with vast rye fields ripe for harvest. They saw tractors with trailers laden with turnips and grain of all kinds. As the mist moved across the landscape, the mothers returned to their little brick house and cuddled up with a glass of wine on the sofa with open fireplace. Each of these colors is included in the crockery, so the idea for the color choice of the bamboo crockery by CINK was born.

CINK - stylish and environmentally friendly tableware for children

CINK was founded to offer stylish and environmentally friendly crockery for baby, toddler and child. With a range of five gender-neutral colors, it perfectly complements the modern home and adapts to all ages of the family.

The products are made from organic bamboo recycled from the waste produced by bamboo sticks. The material is made with GMO-free cornstarch and a 100% food-grade melanimbinder. Particularly durable dish sets, which are resistant to breakage and shock, are the result. The dishes are treated exclusively with water-based and food-grade pigments and are not coated with a surface treatment that is unhealthy, just like ordinary melamin products.

CINK offers a holistic and environmentally conscious range of packaging made from recycled materials. The great bamboo crockery in aesthetic colors can also be used as picnic crockery and more, because it always cuts a fine figure - whether for the child or for adults.

Bamboo Bowls "Fog / Beet / Ocean" Set of 3
Bamboo Bowls "Fog / Rye / Brick" Set of 3
Bamboo cup "Fog / Beet / Ocean" set of 3
Bamboo Spoon "Fog / Beet / Ocean" Set of 3
Bamboo Spoon "Fog / Rye / Brick" Set of 3
Bamboo Tableware Set "Brick" for Babies
Bamboo Tableware Set "Fog" for Babies
Bamboo Tableware Set "Ocean" for Babies
Bamboo Tableware Set "Rye" for Babies
Drinking Cap "Brick"
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Drinking Cap "Brick"
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