Cuddly blankets are indispensable in baby's everyday life, they are the first toy of a baby and provide soothing security. A cuddle cloth or a comforter, is a nice gift idea for the birth. The cuddle cloth for the baby is certainly used every day as a job and Sorgentröster. Great cuddly blankets can be found in our range of Kippins in contrasting patterns and cute animals. In addition, incredibly soft and magical cuddly blankets by Fabelab or organic cuddly towels by Wooly Organic with wooden ring, which can also support teething. Each cuddle cloth or baby blanket is made of organic and non-toxic materials, so you can give your baby a carefree blanket to fall asleep in the baby crib.

Cuddle Cloth: First toy and companion for the baby

A cuddle cloth is a successful mixture of cloth and cuddly toy. Your baby can play with the cuddle cloth, cuddle and cuddle. Thanks to its small size, you can easily put the cuddle cloth for your baby in your bag and always have it with you - your baby will be happy to deal with it in a stroller, on a long drive or on a trip.

Practically, too, is that the cuddle cloth is usually very easy to clean, it is easy to wash in the washing machine, if the baby has spit on it, it was pulled through the dirt while playing or if another mishap has happened.

Cuddle towels accompany your baby until infancy. Cuddly blankets made of pure and organic cotton are recommended because they are skin-friendly, pollutant-free and durable.

Discover cuddle cloth in all variants online

Creative cuddly blankets by Kippins in the form of various Kippins characters, each of which can tell its own story, invite your child on an exciting journey into the fantasy land of the Kippins. No matter if monkey, zebra, tiger or bear, each Kippins cuddle cloth has its own special magic.

The creative cuddly blankets by Fabelab also show in the typical animal characters for the label, which can also be found on storage baskets or bed linen by Fabelab and sweet in the nursery can be combined.

You can find special cuddly towels at Wooly Organic. The animals are also found again and again in the toys of the label in other forms. The cuddle cloth by Wooly Organic is characterized by the fact that a teething ring is integrated in addition to the duvet, which can be replaced with a pacifier, the ideal Schnuffeltuch for the night so if you do not want to search the pacifier for hours. The cuddly blankets by Wooly Organic are also available as cuddly toys, which can replace the cuddly blanket for the baby when it gets older.

Cotton without pollutants for the cuddly blanket

All cuddly blankets in our kyddo online shop comply with the ecological criteria of sustainability, which we imagine for baby toys and other products for the baby. The cotton used to make the cuddly blankets is organic and the stuffing of the cuddly blankets is made of recyclable and organic materials. The filling of the Wooly Organic cuddly blankets consists for example of corn fiber which has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. Ideal conditions to become the favorite companion for your child. Our selection of fanciful cuddly towels will surely delight you and your child.

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