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The French label Gabrielle Paris stands for a lively, bright and colorful house, timelessly up-to-date and for interiors in French style, refined and full of life. Bring beauty and color into your life! The inspiration of the label: cool, free, happy, relaxed and creative. Discover high quality, aesthetic and functional products for your home and baby care such as decorative pillows, muslin cloths, toiletry bags and bags in all variations. The aim of the Gabrielle Paris collections is to meet the demands of modern families. Of course, they are made from the most beautiful and high-quality materials and with high standards in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. All products are ecologically certified and are manufactured under fair working conditions.

Gabrielle Paris: Colorful accessories for home and baby care

For Gabrielle Paris, family is also the focus and source of inspiration. The family business Gabrielle Paris was founded in 2016. Gabrielle, the grandmother gave many inspirations, while the mother Julie has a passion for decoration. Julie is the founder of the Gabrielle Paris brand, previously she worked for Casamance for a long time in product development and was responsible for the quality and selection of high quality fabrics, their finishes and colour. The sisters also work as photographers and models or ambassadors. The whole family is an entrepreneurial family that works together with friends who are suppliers – just like a big family.

Gabrielle Paris' products are aimed at today's modern families. Here you will find functional household and decorative products that are also very aesthetically designed. Easy to use to meet the fast-paced challenges of everyday life. If you're looking for lingerie and accessories for a vibrant, bright, colourful, timeless and trendy French style home, you've come to the right place. Gabrielle Paris believes in the power of color and in uncompromising quality. The products are timeless and can be used all year round. Each season tells its own story. The label works with washed linen, washed cotton and the processing of the best materials.

Selected producers and strict quality requirements

At Gabrielle Paris, the manufacturing processes are clearly and strictly regulated. We work with carefully selected linen and cotton yarns, types of weave and a special finishing technique. Sustainability and respect for the environment are paramount. Only high quality fibers are used. For example, the linen products are only made from long fibers, which has the advantage that they do not pill, do not warp and are very easy to care for.

Gabrielle Paris skilfully combines aesthetics and functionality, and the manufacturers are carefully selected. The product team accompanies the products throughout their development. All collections are conceived and designed in the offices in France. A large part of the collections is then produced in India, a country that is colorful and inspiring and known for its great textile know-how. There is also cooperation with Belgian, Portuguese and Italian partners. Contact with partners is very important to the label. This is the only way to ensure that the suppliers produce ethically and are certified.

Only European flax fibers (washed linen) are used for the linen products, which are produced in Western Europe such as France, Belgium or the Netherlands. The European flax certification certifies a social and ethical responsibility during the production process. The harvest is non-GMO and all fiber is used, so there is no waste. Fiber production is carried out mechanically (wet spinning). It is therefore a 100% vegetable and vegan fiber with thermoregulatory and anti-allergenic properties. The fibers are processed into yarn using a special technique. The result is smooth, lustrous, strong and regular yarns that create high-quality fabrics that don't pucker. An ideal material for direct contact with the skin. The linen products are first dyed and then washed and naturally softened. The fibers are pigment-dyed and washable and lightfast. A special finishing process ensures unique products.

The cotton used in the Green&Kids collection is organically certified, guaranteeing decent working conditions, respect for the environment and no harm to the health of the wearer. Absolutely chemical-free and without treatment with waste water. The cotton used is percale with a thread count of 200 threads/cm. The threads are very fine, numerous, dense and combed. The result is a soft, strong and light fabric that does not pill. The cotton is also washed and softened in the manufacturing process. It feels like peach skin and has an incredible softness.

The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 applies to the entire range. A seal of quality that includes several technical standards to certify the health and ecological properties of textiles and leather. The OEKO-TEX label is only used for textiles that do not come from controlled organic cultivation.

SMETA certification guarantees ethical production conditions. Health, safety, labor standards, environment and business ethics are scrutinized.

Sustainable production and slow fashion are top priorities for Gabrielle Paris

Gabrielle Paris is committed to sustainable production and limits overproduction, even if a product may be out of stock as a result. The fabric remnants are given a second life, because bags for bed and table linen are made from them. All packaging is eco-friendly and the boxes are recyclable.

Shipping by sea is preferred due to carbon footprint. 95% of the collections are made of natural materials and 80% of the linen fabric has an ecological footprint. The products are AZO FREE, i.e. free of AZO class dyes, which are known to be harmful to the skin and the environment. The colors used are free of heavy metals and dangerous chemicals.
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