June 22

The organic label June 22 produces aesthetic and at the same time functional baby slings made of organic cotton in line with the motto "Easy to use, elegant, secured and eco-responsible". With the baby sling from June 22, mothers also manage to be elegant during pregnancy and lactation. The slings are easy to use, adjustable to the appropriate size and the best way to carry the baby, because they are skin-friendly and adapts ideally to the baby and his body shapes. At June 22 you will find organic linen slings, organic cotton, organic fleece, which can score great features depending on the season.

The idea for the design of slings was born out of a special event, an experience of the founder. Audrey is the mother of a little daughter named Leonie. The start into the life of the little daughter was difficult because the child had to be transferred to another hospital immediately after birth. The baby was separated from the mother immediately after birth. The bond between mother and child, which is usually very simple, was therefore difficult to build. Out of her despair and helplessness, Audrey designed a baby sling that makes child and mother one and the bodies are very close to each other.

Designer Audrey says if she had possessed such a sling during her difficult birth event, she would have been less worried. It may seem paradoxical, but carrying the baby gives her a feeling of freedom and reconciliation.

Because of her traumatic experience she also founded the association Maman Blues, which provides support for mothers who have a hard time with the role of mother during pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of life of the child.

Elegant baby slings in organic quality


The sling from June 22 is easy to use, elegant, safe and environmentally friendly. The cloth enchants with a unique design of eco-friendly and organic fabric. This makes the cloth skin-friendly and adapts perfectly to the contours of the baby. The fabric wraps the baby like in a cocoon while providing a very good hold. Ideally adapted to the needs of mother and child.

June 22 designs baby slings in all colors and with great attention to detail. Whether summer or winter, for every season there is a great baby sling from June 22 which has all the features that are important for the season.


Organic baby slings made of different materials


For the summer there are baby slings made of pleasantly cool linen fabric. The linen fabric is OEKO-TEX certified and thanks to the unique winding technique very well suited for longer wearing times. The fabric is soft and warm and provides good support and comfort for mother or father and child.

Carrier slings made of pure organic cotton also provide a pleasant feeling to wear and for winter the easily adjustable organic baby slings made of 100% organic cotton fleece fabric are ideal, which can score with great properties at sinking temperatures.

Each sling comes in a pretty fabric bag. Discover the great and elegant baby slings from June 22 and be inspired by the colours and different high quality materials, we are sure you will find your favourite sling in the June 22 collection.

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