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Hello, we are kyddo!

As a family-run concept store, we attach great importance to sustainably manufactured children's clothing, toys and room interior. Ecological aspects, paired with beautiful, functional design are in our focus.


Organic means for us to work in harmony with nature. Organic production combines tradition and science to protect the environment, preserving our quality of life. Whatever you buy - from cotton clothing to toys or decoration - when you choose organic products, you reduce the environmental pollution and help the world to get a little better.


We can’t sustain our life quality and ecosystem, if we don’t treat our earth carefully and conscientiously. Eco-friendly manufacturing of products conserves natural resources – from that benefits our environment. Sustainability is essential when it comes to preserving the quality of life for our children and grandchildren.

4 reasons to choose organic products:

  • Organic materials are grown without the use of toxic pesticides or genetically modified organisms. That protects the environment.
  • Avoiding harmful substances in production protects both wildlife and workers during the production process.
  • In an environmentally friendly production, demands on social aspects are high. They enable producers to earn a fair income.
  • Biological substances contain no allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemicals.


Why not just recycle fabrics? Recycling involves the use of recycled materials or the revaluation of materials for new purposes.


Certificates such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) guarantee that high environmental and social standards are observed throughout the entire production chain.

Fair Trade

Fair trade ensures social and environmental standards. It allows producers to charge fair prices and a reliable income.

Family managed

Many of our labels started as "Mummy Enterprises" and until today they are family owned. They create jobs and secure local value creation.

Sustainability is essential to preserve the quality of life for us and our children.

Nice and functional Design

We like pretty-looking and functionally-designed things to make everyday life easier.


Many of our products are lovingly done by hand - so the pieces become unique with a special flair.

About us

As a parent, you only want the best for your child. That’s not easy, especially in the first years of life. Many products for children - whether clothes or toys - are contaminated with pollutants. We also made this experience when we were looking for good products for our newborn. If you are not intensively involved with the topic, you get lost.

That's why we looked up for pollutant-free alternatives for babies and toddlers. During our research, we discovered some small, family-owned labels manufacturing mostly organic children's clothing and ecological toys under fair working conditions. We have compiled them in our online shop - so you also get a good overview of products for your baby and make decisions easier.

Our experience goes in the selection of the products that we offer - we are happy, if you also share your experiences with us. Please share your feedback or wishes or how we can become even better - write us an e-mail to hello@kyddo.shop. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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