"Organic Modeling Clay" 5 Colours Small

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"The play dough of Ailefo is truly unique. Completely organic and especially suitable for allergy sufferers. I like the fact that the modelling clay is so pleasantly soft, ideal also for small hands that are waiting to create their own world with modelling clay. A great idea for little kids."

Great play dough set "Organic Play Dough" from Ailefo. The set consists of five pots, each containing 100 grams of modelling clay in the colours green, blue, red, brown and yellow. The modelling clay is allergen-free and free of artificial substances. Let your child's creativity run free, the mass is colourful, pleasantly soft and can be easily kneaded into different shapes, fun is guaranteed. The modelling clay is made of food ingredients, it is no problem if your child puts the modelling clay in his mouth. The packaging is recyclable.

  • Ingredients: flour, water, salt, vegetable oils, natural colorant, acidity regulators, potassium sorbate
  • Size (cardboard tube): 27 x 7 cm
  • Contents: 5x 100 grams of organic kneading mass
  • Durability: 1.5 years from the day of manufacture
  • Colours: Green, blue, red, brown and yellow
  • Model: Modeling Clay
  • The cardboard tube consists of 100% recyclable paper / label glued with water-based glue

The family-run Danish label Ailefo has been producing organic play dough from organic ingredients since 2016. Ailefo is the first and only organic modelling clay on the European market that consists of food. The modelling clay in Scandinavian design meets the standards of sustainable production and is allergen-free, as the ingredients are algae, mushrooms, fruits and red vegetables. Even if the modelling clay is consumed at times, this is not a problem. With Ailefo, kneading fun comes into the house, which encourages your child's creativity and is simply fun.

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