Play Dough Roller "Zoo Änimals"

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The kneading rollers from KNETÄ are the perfect addition to the modeling clay for toddlers and bring even more kneading fun to the children's room. A nice gift idea for toddlers.”

 Sweet modeling clay "Zoo Änimals" made of wood by KNETÄ for the label's children's modeling clay. The wooden scroll is made for small children's hands and is decorated with pretty zoo animal motifs. If you knead the dough into a flat disc and roll it over it with the kneading roller, you will create great pictures that make kneading even more fun.

Play Dough Roller "Zoo Änimals" - details:

  • Material: wood
  • Size: ø3 cm per motif
  • Model: Zoo Änimals
  • Recommended age: from 1 year
  • Application note: So that the dough doesn't get stuck in the figures, brush the dough roller with a little cooking oil before you use it.
  • Cleaning instructions: After playing, clean with a little washing-up liquid and a root brush, then allow to dry well.
  • Made in Germany

At the KNETÄ label you will find play dough for small children made from exclusively vegan and harmless ingredients. The main component of the clay is a salt dough without the addition of beeswax and without the addition of questionable substances. In addition, the putty does not smear and does not stain. What more could a parent of small children want?

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