Balance Board "Wobbel Original Bamboo Felt Baby Mouse"

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"Since the Balanceboard is at our house, we all have our fun. The kids can do so wonderfully and use it for all sorts of things that support their creativity and body balance. Us adults, the board but also joy, I can only recommend it! "The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Balancing exercises are just fun with the Balance Board "Wobbel Original Bamboo with Felt Baby Mouse". No matter what your child wants to use the wobble board, Balanceboard with pressed felt on the bottom is only for smooth surfaces and the felt ensures that the board is virtually silent. The core is made of FSC certified beech wood and the outer layer is made of pressed bamboo.

Balance Board "Wobbel Original Bamboo Felt Baby Mouse" - details:

  • Material: pressed bamboo layer and core of FSC certified beech wood, wool felt
  • Water-based paints and coatings without pollutants
  • Diameter: 90 x 30 cm
  • Color: Baby Mouse - felt in light gray
  • Suitable for hard floors
  • Model: Wobbel Original Bamboo Felt Baby Mouse
  • Body weight: up to 200 kg
  • Age recommendation: From zero months

Wobbel is a wooden balance board that moves young and old alike. The wooden toy has its origin in Waldorf schools. The two Danish brand founders Hannelore and Wouter took up the idea of ​​the inspiring wood curve and are very proud of their wobble board. True to the motto "It's not just a curve", anyone who works with the wobble will feel the enthusiasm with which this imaginative and great piece of wood was made.

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